Ice & Water Recovery in North Bay Ontario

Driving a big truck over frozen lakes and rivers is risky business. As the weather warms, and ice gets thinner and thinner, vehicles run the risk of breaking through the ice. A & S Towing offers off-road recovery services for all vehicles including trucks, snow machines and boats.

Recovery of Items From a Frozen Lake is a Delicate Task

We'll recover your vehicle very carefully and slowly, so as not to damage the vehicle in the lake or put other people and property in jeopardy. It also requires specialized equipment. Our staff are experienced in snow, mud and water recoveries. We have the equipment and know how to recover your vehicle safely from the water and minimize the environmental damage.

Ice Recovery Services

We can safely recover the following items from thin ice and lake water:

  • Trucks
  • Snowmobiles
  • Ice Fishing Shacks
  • Cars
  • ATVs
  • Many More

Ice & Water Recovery in Action